The second meeting of five will take place on Wednesday, October 5, at BANCO Vini e Alimenti in Turin. Conceived as Consorzio restaurant’s new concept, BANCO is “the natural evolution of Andrea Gherra and Pietro Vergano’s project”. Seen as a perfect social gathering place, this restaurant works on the continuous search for local products and dishes. Hosting the event will be “master of the house” Andrea Gherraand Birra del Borgo founder Leonardo Di Vincenzo. Starring beers, looking for the perfect match with chefs Miro Mattalia and Riccardo Arduino’proposals, will be two bizarre and a seasonal one: Caos, made of Malvasia’s must,Equilibrista, realized with 40% of must from Tenuta di Bibbiano’s wine, and Saracena, experimentally produced with tartaric buckwheat. After Turin, BIZARRE CHEFS will get to Rome on October 20, hosted by Adriano Baldassarre in his restaurant “Tordomatto”, in the Trionfale area. November 3 will be the turn of Milan with Cesare Battisti’s Ratanà, nestled in a beautiful building of the late twentieth century. Chef Niko Romito will be then in charge of the closing event, on November 24: together with his staff from Reale restaurant in Castel di Sangro (3 stars Michelin) and with the Niko Romito Training, the chef will serve salty and sweet versions of his Bomba in our Spiedino’s brewery, in Borgorose, where we have recently realized the suggestive “Bancone” taproom, a place for meeting, purchasing, tasting.

Beer and cuisine, haute cuisine, what do they have in common? Come and find it out!


Via dei Mercanti 13/f – Torino

Tel 011 7640239


A night that will tell the story of the dialogue between beer and gourmet food through original blends, experimentations and tricks with taste.

Starting from 8:00pm

Price: 40€ per person

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We were just missing an image, and we finally found it! She’s a nice, fresh, irreverent girl, simple-looking but actually hiding a great character and strong complexities. She tastes like flowers and orange peel, besides hints of pink pepper and coriander. She’s super Italian, born in Borgorose, and her name is LISA: Light, Italian, Session, Ale. The big news? She’s depicted on a can, our very first can, light and beautiful. We are now introducing her to the Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto’s public, at Birra del Borgo’s stand F005, Lazio Padillon. Come meet her! She will soon be available in our Roman store “La Bottega di Birra del Borgo” in Via Silvestro Gherardi 19 (Marconi area).


Golden color

4,0% of alcohol by volume

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One beer for month, for twelve months. Birra del Borgo’s Bizarre beers melt together original tastes and flavors, varying from oysters to fruits, amphora to spices, hops to barrels, keywords being creativity and experimentation! This peculiar “chain” has turned into our “Bizarre Chefs” project that wants to explain a new idea of beer, free from the clichés and closer to gourmet food. Five appointments on national territory will involve chefs and caterers willing to put themselves out there imagining and experimenting unusual blends between beer and quality food. First appointment will be Tuesday, September 20, at “Stazione Posta” restaurant, in Testaccio neighborhood in Rome, where host chef Luigi Nastri will share his cooking skills and his stove with Davide Del Duca from “Fernanda Osteria”, contemporary bistro in Porta Portese, and Walter Musco from renowned Bompiani, Roman bakery in Piazza Bompiani.

On stage, participants will be entertained by stories of Leonardo Di Vincenzo, Birra del Borgo founder, alongside with chefs, friends, journalists and fans. Six dishes will search for the best combination with four Birra del Borgo beers, three “Bizarre” and a seasonal one: “Rubus”, beer made of raspberries, “Etrusca”, inspired by fermented ancient beverages, “Equilibrista”, produced with 40% of wine must, and “Stelle e Strisce”, tribute to the American flag with its mix of American hops. After Rome, BIZARRE CHEFS will get to Turin in October, hosted by Andrea Gherra and Pietro Vergano’s “Banco Vini e Alimenti”. October will also witness Rome’s second step, at “Tordomatto” with Adriano Baldassarre, while November will be the turn of Milan.

The project’s closing event is scheduled for December in Spiedino’s brewery, in Borgorose, where the newborn “Bancone” will welcome all the participants in its suggestive taproom, a place for staying, buying, tasting.

 Beer and food, gourmet food, what do they have in common? Come find it outon Tuesday, September 20 at Restaurant “Stazione Posta”

Largo Dino Frisullo, Città dell’Altra Economia (Macro – Testaccio area), Rome.

A night that will tell the story of the dialogue between beer and gourmet food through original blends, experimentations and tricks with taste.

Aperitif at 7:00pm, dinner to follow.

Price: 60 euros per person

Info and reservations

Tel 06 5743548


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“Archeobeer”, this is how we should call our Etrusca. It recalls an ancient civilization and it’s been realized selecting an Etruscan fermented drink, its ingredients based on the recoveries found in different Italian archeological sites. Birra del Borgo, Baladin and Dogfish Head have embarked on the recreation of a beer that dates back to 2500 years ago, using different fermentation techniques and with the help of Prof. Patrick Mc Govern, molecular archeologist from University of Pennsylvania.
Etrusca has rested in Borgorose inside big terracotta amphorae, thus getting its peculiar amber color, typical of amphora wines. The fragrance is of honey and red fruits with original mineral taste. The fermentation in amphora makes it finely acidic, with scented and refreshing nuances.
Summing up, brewing arts+archeology= archeobeer. As good as it gets!

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So, have you come see it? What do you think? Made of brass and surrounded by natural materials such as chestnut wood, recurring elements in Birra del Borgo’s future projects which will characterize its style and design, Bancone is just the core of a space dedicated to welcoming and staying. The new tap room has been designed to not only be an actual place open to the public Monday through Sunday from 11am to 10pm, but also a location hosting events, new ideas and initiatives. It will be the final stage of our brewery’s guided tours, “Meet the Brewers”, starting in August (save the dates: Saturday 6, Sunday 14, Saturday 20, Sunday 28). And it will also be the place to taste the latest products of our Collerosso brewery. Yesterday in Spiedino, in the yard in front of a brewery dressed up for the occasion, we celebrated our new idea enjoying products from Campo Felice, blues notes from the great Dead ShriMp, meetings with our brewers and friends come to visit us, the old and the new ones.
Thank you
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That’s Birra del Borgo’s new idea, hosted inside Spedino’s brewery. The revolution, started with the new room dedicated to cooked beers (cotte) and bigger spaces for experimantations in terracotta amphorae and barrels, makes a new step forward with “Bancone” shop & tap room. This new space will give all customers a chance to live at best their Birra del Borgo experience through tastings, purchases, ideas and stories. At “Bancone” 14 paths, 10 drafts and 4 pumped beers, will let customers taste classical and original beers. Saturday, July 30, from 4pm until night a big event will celebrate the new brewery and space with guided tours, workshops, dedicated food suggestions and a great live concert. All of it in the beautiful frame of  ”Bancone”, star attraction of the event. 

Saturday July 30, from 4pm until late at night
Free entrance
Food&Beverage consumptions to be paid 

Piana di Spedino – Borgorose (RI)

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Not only the label is a tribute to the flag of America, also the content is made using a fresh American hops cocktails added mainly in dry hopping, in the fermentation phase. Refreshing and light , fragrant grass and citrus , STELLE&STRISCE is the perfect Summer Ale. Clear and drinkable, with its 3.7 percent alcohol, but with a strong character given by fresh and intense aromas. The final will discover a pleasant bitterness that will lose your head. To live the american summer drink it at the beach, a stone’s throw from the sea!

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Friday, June 17 from 6pm to 1am
Saturday, June 18 from 12pm to 2am
Sunday, June 19 from 10:30am till sunset

Borgorose (RI)
A24 Highway exit: Valle del Salto

6pm: Drafts and Street Food stands’ opening
6pm: Gipsy Rufina in concert
10pm: Dixie Hogs in concert
10pm: Sadside Project in concert
1am: Drafts closing

12pm: Cotta Pubblica starts at Collerosso
12pm: Drafts and Street Food stands’ opening
12pm: Guided tours of our new brewery with our brewers
2pm: Wine vs. Beer and Beer vs. Wine… Discovering synergies between the two worlds
2-6pm: Pink Puffers Brass Band in concert
3pm: Fabulous Wood in concert
5pm: New horizons in the Italian scene: emerging beers and brewers
6pm: Adriano Viterbini in concert
8pm: Mark Hanna New Band in concert
10:30pm: Red Wagons in concert
2am: Drafts and Street Food stands’ closing

10am-1pm: Guided tours of our new brewery with our brewers
10:30am: Drafts and Street Food stands’ opening
12:30pm: Food & Beer matching workshop with Chef Franco Franciosi
1-6pm: MO’ BETTER BAND in concert
2pm: Funkallisto in concert
3pm: Collerosso: old brewery’s project dedicated to spontaneous fermentations
4pm: Orchestraccia in concert
5pm: Amphora vs. Keg, differences and magics of these two worlds
6pm: Gaudats Junk Band in concert
8pm: Luca D’Aversa in concert
The event will end at sunset

A whole space organized by Kikids – jobs for kicks will be dedicated to children on Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 7pm. A small “Village” will be set up, where kids will be entertained with free, creative manual activities, games, and two daily workshops lasting 60 minutes each. Kids can enroll directly on site.

Where’s the BdB Day?
Most of the events (music, food, beers, kids’ entertainment) will be hosted in Borgorose’s Municipal Villa. You can find it on Google Maps, that green triangle in between Via delle Ville and Via San Francesco. Yes, that’s it! Other activities will take place in the New and Old Brewery (see program).

When shall I arrive to the BdB Day?
You can come and go as you please, 6pm-1am on Friday, 12pm-2am on Saturday, 10:30am until sunset on Sunday. If you are interested in some specific activities, please check the event’s schedule.

Is there an entrance fee?
Entrance to the Villa, concerts, guided tours to the brewery, kids’ activities are all free of charge! Only food and drink consumptions should be paid for.

How does food and drinks’ payments work?
It is necessary to buy tokens (1euro) at the cashier. With a token you can get a 0,10cl draft at your choice, with 2 tokens a 0,20cl, with 3 tokens a 0,30cl. Food consumption will cost 1 to 3 tokens depending on the choice. Draft beers will be served in biodegradable glasses in an environmentally friendly way.
A glass + 8 tokens combination will be available at 10euros, to enjoy your beer at your best! Otherwise, the glass will cost 3euros. On Sunday morning cashier will be available also at the New Brewery to buy tokens at the end of the tours.

Can I buy beers at the BdB Day?
A Birra del Borgo dedicated space will be available for purchasing bottles and gadgets. In this case payments must be done cash or with debit/credit card.

Will I be reimbursed if I don’t spend all my tokens?
We’re sorry, tokens can’t be reimbursed. You can use them to buy bottles to-go, but any leftovers will not be reimbursed.

Is it possible to pay with debit or credit card?
Yes, POS system is available.

How do I get to Borgorose, and how do I get home?
On the Cotral website – www.cotralspa.it – you find the bus schedule from Rome’s Ponte Mammolo station to Borgorose (the bus terminal is very cose to the Villa). Service is lowered during the weekend though, and there are no convenient trips back to Rome at night. If you cannot find a designated driver for the car and don’t want to sleep in Borgorose, we suggest that you check with the many bars/pubs which are organizing busses to the event. Some of them are Beer Travels (click here for more info), The Golden Pot www.thegoldenpot.it (Danilo 328.49.56.920), Luppolo 12 you can reserve your spot in Via dei Marrucini 12 or writing an email to info@tourismotion.com (name, last name, phone number, number of spots required). Besides these, other places and cities are organizing new ways to get to Borgorose, check online!

Where can I sleep in the Borgorose area?
Here are some suggestions on places to sleep in the area. Make sure you check in advance prices and availability: Casali di Cartore (Borgorose). Info contact: +39 348 98 19 343 info@casalidicartore.com , Hotel Olimpia (Avezzano), Motel Belvedere (San Pelino di Avezzano), La Duchessa (Borgorose), La Rocca (Corvaro), Tenuta Placidi (Sant’Anatolia, tel. 339.8277277) Camping Isola del Salto (Fiumata).

Free Camping space?
In cooperation with the city of Borgorose, the city’s recreation field will be at disposal for those who want to bring their tents (no caravans or campers admitted!). Toilets and showers will be available (to be treated with decency). Space is limited and reservations are not permitted, spots can be taken from Friday morning upon arrival. The sooner the better!

Do I need to book workshops and visits?
Visits must be booked here: http://bdbday2016.eventbrite.it/
Visits are free, following rotating shifts as stated on EventBrite.
Workshops must booked here: https://laboratori-bdbday16.eventbrite.it/…

Can I bring children?
Of corse you can, children are welcome! On Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 6pm, Kikids will prganize entertainment for them.

Can I bring dogs/cats/exotic animals?
Everything that’s legal and can be easily controlled in respect of the event’s participants can be brought. However, no entertainment has been set up for them.

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Three days dedicated to beer and not only, lots of news and special guests will be part of the biggest summer festival dedicated to the beer. Where? In Borgorose, specifically hosted in its municipal Villa, from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 19. We are talking about the Birra del Borgo Day, the event Birra del Borgo has been organizing for eleven years now for its birthday, gathering friends, producers, partners, musicians, chefs, beer lovers and simple curious people. 130 drafts from all over the world, with more than 30 Italian and foreign breweries selected among the leaders in the brewing field, will reflect the first aim of the festival: to stress with conviction the quality and centrality of the beer. Beer lovers will have the chance to join different meetings regarding the brewing world discovering ideas and news of the brewing field, unusual matches, as well as workshops and tasting sessions, not to mention the inevitable “cotta pubblica”. To best organize the food area, Birra del Borgo has decided to rely on a great expression of the street food, Gabriele Bonci, who will prepare tempting selections of stuffed pizza, sandwiches and burgers. Besides, there will also be a special place for Stefano Callegari’s Trapizzino, dressed up for the event with its classic and original “flavors”.

Birra del Borgo Day will enhance communication between sounds and flavors hosting thirteen live concerts of rock and blues street bands that will alternate on stage to stress the strong bond between music and beer. The event’s musical background will be led by Orchestraccia, Adriano Viterbini and Mark Hanna.

Families and children will appreciate the kids’ corner set up by KIKIDS, jobs for kicks: free games and a rich continuous schedule for kids 4 to 11 years old, and fun workshops to tickle children’s fantasy and creativity. Birra del Borgo Day springs from the idea of melting together taste and experimentation, gathering and discovering, goodness and beauty, tradition and innovation, where music, beer and food give life together to new, surprising shapes. Beer will be the glue that holds together these different forms of culture, in between the small town and the big city, music and taste, arts and conviviality.

The full program of the festival will be online soon 

Friday June 17 from 6:00pm to 1:00am
Saturday June 18 from 12:00pm to 2:00am
Sunday June 19 from 10:30am until sunset

Free entrance
It is necessary to buy tokens in order to get drinks (1 euro  = 1 token)
A token is worth 0,10 cl draft beer, 2 tokens 0,20 cl and so on.
Glass: 3 euros
Combo glass + 8 tokens: 10 euros
Food: from 1 token

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Do you know what a “bizarre” is? Twelve unique, special limited edition beers made with special ingredients and original brewing processes, showing our will to experiment and intrigue our customers. Twelve beers produced once a year, a recipe every month. And here is our June Bizarre, RUBUS, Latin word for raspberry (rubus idaeus), key element of this very interesting and tasty creation. Recipe as follows: take a DUTCHESS, one of the most famous Birra del Borgo productions, and add fresh raspberries (100gr. per liter). Red fruits create a wild fermentation giving the beer a strong acidity – well balanced by the smell of the berries, and an unusual, charming, intense rosé color. Given its freshness and lightness, it’s the perfect beer to taste for an aperitivo in this warm period of the year, even better if accompanied by a good selection of goat’s aged cheese.

Enjoy it, try it and give us your feedback.

Coming soon our next months’ bizarre, don’t miss it!

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