European Beer Holidays 2013!

Are you still planning your holidays or are you ready to leave?

If you will be around Europe in the next week, and you would like to taste some great Italian craft beer -  namely Birra del Borgo, of course! – but you didn’t include Italy in your itinerary (that’s a shame!) here we give you some good tips about where you can taste our brews among Belgium and UK

And you could even meet Leo o some other guys from BdB!

So, maybe if you didn’t book you ticket already, you are still in time for a last minute trip!

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August brings news (and oldies)!

So finally August is here, and it brought the summer heat we were waiting for… maybe even to much! But we won’t complain, as beside the hot temperatures,  it also brought two awaited beers!
The first one is this month’s Bizzarra, a long-expected oldie: the fantastic and ulta-hopped BdBi(g)BodyIbu!
The second one is brand new, but many af you have been asking about it since we brewed it, right after the BdB Day 2013!
Yes, we are talking about the ReAlt we brewed with Andreas Gaenstaller!


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Birreria number three in Bari!

Does the picture at the left reminds you of something? Well, yes, they ARE Leo and Teo, but there is something more to it!
We are giving you one more clue: another great brewmaster is missing: we are talking about the third “Birreria Brother” Sam Calagione!
The picture was taken today at Eataly Bari big opening: it’s the 10th Eataly Shop only in Italy, and it also host the third Birreria in the world, following New York and Rome! Do you still need one more reason for planning your next trip to Bari, just on the heel of the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula? Here you have it:   at Eataly Bari Birreria, you will be able to sip your craft beer while you are looking at the sea!


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Can’t wait for Duchessic!

Time goes faster… It seems only yesterday, we were celebrating the Brewery’s eight birthday , hoping for one tiny ray of sunshine – luckily we had it! – and here we are in the middle of July, sweating under the summer sunlight!

So, it should be the right time to (re)introduce you our monthly Bizarre Beer, Duchessic.


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What if ReAle was… ReAlt?!

Just as it happened last year, the day after our big party was no break for us! Joined by a small but fierce group of beer lovers, we performed the second step of the “What if ReAle was born in…” project! This year’s guest was Andreas Gaenstaller, a great German brewer who came to visit us with his wife Manuela from Bamberg (you can see them in the picture together with our brewer Andrea). Those who attended the party could taste his fantastic beers and they know what we are talking about! So, here you can find some more details about ReAlt, that is What if ReAle was born in… Bamberg!

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Let’s celebrate, we are turning 8!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement to make: this year, in just a few days, we will be celebrating our eight anniversary!  Maybe not everyone knows that eight is universally considered as the number of cosmic balance: it is not by chance that Buddhist temples usually are eight-sided. Eight is also considered a lucky number in Japanese culture, as it gives an idea of growing prosperous, representing a countless, yet not indefinable, amount.

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Thanks God it’s Monday!

Nope, we are not gone mad. We too, we hate Mondays usually , but today it’s different!
Here in Italy Spring has come though it’s raining somewhere, today, but hey!, we have our brand new summer Ale Stelle&Strisce out, so let’s pretend Summer is closer then ever.

Moreover, lot of nice and exciting stuff is going on this week and today, particularly, so once in a while let’s enjoy a good Monday!

What are we talking about? Well, let’s see it.

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A week end devoted to craft beer in Rome

What’s going on this week end in Rome? Well, talking about craft beer, we could say EVERYTHING!While we are waiting the Craft Beer Week (Settimana della Birra Artigianale) to begin on Monday, we definetly will have something to warm-up with in the next three days!  An explosive Roman week end full of  beer related events… and Birra del Borgo will be there! Will anyone still dare to say that March is a boring month? Continue reading

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Leonardo goes downunder!

Yes, our boss and brewer Leonardo will fly to Oz in less than two weeks… but he didn’t decide to go seek his fortune elsewhere like many Italian yougn talents do… he will spend there one week for a short but busy promotional tour – with many tastings, events and meetings – that has been set up for him by our friends at Birra Italiana: we have to thank them if Italian craft beer – our and other great breweries’one – made it to down under,  winning a great success! Continue reading

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New York New York!

So this is how it all happened: just a couple of weeks before Christmas, while the whole brewery was in the middle of the pre-holiday panic, a brave and small group on behalf Birra del Borgo, led by Leonardo Di Vicenzo left Borgorose (well, actually it was Fiumicino Airport…) towards the United States of A, with a precise mission to accomplish: make the Big Apple’s beer consumption  rise! And, oh, yes, also to let the fantastic craft beer made in Borgorose to be (better) known and appreciated also in NY – and further.  Actually, we have to admit they are already quite successful in the North America States where they are distributed thanks to our friends from B.United… but we should go to give a look by ourselves, don’t you think so?

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