Can’t wait for Duchessic!

Time goes faster… It seems only yesterday, we were celebrating the Brewery’s eight birthday , hoping for one tiny ray of sunshine – luckily we had it! – and here we are in the middle of July, sweating under the summer sunlight!

So, it should be the right time to (re)introduce you our monthly Bizarre Beer, Duchessic.


Our (quite unusual)  “collaboration beer” with Brasserie Cantillon is an interesting experiment about spontaneous fermentations. Our traditional Duchessa – spelt beer – has been cut with a 20% of one year old lambic from Brasserie Cantillon.

The result is a unique beer that extraordinarily merges the lambic sharp and sour characteristics with the gentle notes of Duchessa.

We know many of you love Duchessic and can’t wait to drink it again – so do we!! – but… oops, we did it again! And actually, it’s not really our fault.

Just like it already happened two years ago, this year Duchessic will be released with a short delay because the blend between Duchessa and Lambic hold a weird surpise (well, by now to us it’s not such anymore, and it seems to be quite a common thing for the Belgian”sour”) : an odd viscosity and “stickyness”, which originates from a peculiar evolution of Lambic.

The “fault” is reversible, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

The good news  is that usually this kind of phenomena gives to Lambic a very special – and extremely good – taste… so we can expect a “super duper” Duchessic!

While we all wait, here you will find a  video where our Biologist David explains what happened two years ago, and this year again. Unfortunately, we don’t have English subtitles for this yet, sorry!


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