The place where it all started in 2005, the place that gave birth to Birra del Borgo.

The old brewery

Collerosso, the place where it all started in 2005, the place that gave birth to Birra del Borgo. Today the old brewery has been completely transformed and redesigned.

It is the actual site of a new project, ambitious and risky, an adventure in the world of spontaneous fermentation, a research on wild yeasts where we experiment freely and without restraints to our creativity.

At the center of Collerosso, or the old brewery as many still call it, we have a Coolship, a large steel tank where the must is left in the open air during the cold winter nights to start the fermentation with yeasts naturally present in the environment.

Although the production will be very limited, the spontaneous fermentation is one of the most fascinating worlds in which we venture.

We don’t have calendars for this new project, no dates, no schedules to be respected; we follow the seasons, inspiration…emotions…

We follow the seasons, inspiration…

The Beers

Round Overnight 2016
The mother draft beer.

A beer that is cooled overnight in an open tank, fermented spontaneously without addition of yeasts in the barrel, leaving it at least 3 years and then mixing it with different barrels. This is Collerosso, this is Round overnight.

Complex as a single jazz, rich and intriguing as a modal scale, the mixture of 3 different barrels captures completely the drinker. 3 years old barrel of Calvados, 3 years old barrel of Montepulciano, 4 months old barrel of Amarone, this is the fatal blend.

The acidity is the host, oxidative notes and the volatile part of the Calvados gives depth, the animal and floral notes are the result of the youngest part.