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BdB day

Every year, in the first weeks of June, Borgorose attends BdB Day, a special and expected event to celebrate the brewery’s birthday. It is a special weekend that encloses our desire to bring together all the good beer lovers with our ever-changing friends, with whom we have been collaborating since 2006. Bdb Day is a
celebration, a unique way to drink beer in good company.

You may find Italian and foreign breweries, hundreds of beers on tap, street food and products of the territory, star chefs and food innovators, live music and our desire to describe you what beer is, the good one.

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Oyster day

Every year on February we host a “bizarre” event dedicated to Perle Ai Porci, our Oyster Stout brewed with…Oysters and Tellins. A simple but great day in the brewery, a public brew with all the brewers to which people can join and throw the shellfish directly in the boiling vat.
Chefs and food artisans cook the shellfish after the boiling for the amazing and unmissable Spaghetti! Beer, music, great food, tasting and pairing workshop for a special day in the brewery.

Techniques and knowledge, but also creativity and desire to experiment. We asked great cooks to help us in describing the relationship between beer and haute cuisine. Therefore, in 2016, the project “Chef Bizzarri” was born. It encloses together our willingness to experiment and to spread a new idea of beer, whose relationship with cuisine is possible, new and at the cutting edge.

Chef Bizzarri

Beer and cuisine, haute cuisine, what do they have to say to each other? More than we may believe! Even though beer, the good one, has not yet succeeded in gaining a prominent place in the different cuisines that matter, yet the activity of the brewer is very similar to the cook’s work. They both choose the raw materials that they love and combine them according to their own recipes.

Beer Art

Bottles turn into pieces of art, author’s works, that meet the perfect beer in a combination never imagined before and that motivates us to explore all the possible and potential universes.

With the Roman artist, Giovanni Trimani, we began an experiment in 2005 that celebrates a very important collaboration for us, it represents the connection between beer and art. Beer, born from a creative gesture, becomes unique, an author’s work, thanks to Giovanni’s labels.

The collaboration with Giovanni Trimani is only the beginning of an adventure that will bring Birra del Borgo to imagine beer in new art contexts.

Even the Turin illustrator and comic artist Giovanni Cannizzo has “painted” for Birra del Borgo; the Roman art gallery VARSI has asked its artists to give beers a “street” soul; the B15A architecture studio has given shape to the many souls of Birra del Borgo and reached out to more institutionalized partnerships such as RUFA, the Roman University of Fine Arts and the IED, the European Design Institute.

Beers have stories to tell, art stories, but also of humanity like the Maledetta, born to pay homage to the Tuscan cigar Modigliani.

When you talk about pizza, you talk about beer. It is a source of pride to be a partner of Francesco Martucci and share the same exciting philosophy of being futuristic and avant-garde, reinterpreting tradition to tell, in Italy and around the world, the story of quality beer and pizza.


Pizza and beer, two products born from the same creative triad of water, grains, and yeast.

But what truly makes Masanielli pizzeria special is their identity. Martucci’s pizza is recognizable from the first bite, rebellious like the music of the 60s. From a simple takeout pizzeria, Masanielli has transformed into a restaurant with 70 tables, shaking up the world of pizza in Italy. Today, with a 500 square meter structure, of which 300 are dedicated to the kitchen, it has become the perfect place for the continuous search and transformation of extraordinary raw materials – a madness that makes it unique. “Restlessness is the feeling that drives us to change, to not stop.” This exciting mission has made Masanielli the best pizzeria in the world according to 50 Top Pizza in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.