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The taste is the one of old taverns, based on the quality of hospitality, on the table as the center of socialization and based on the traditional and family cuisine.

And then, there are the new aspects, the ones that make it a modern tavern, a place for everyone, where the centrality of the beer-cuisine combination is reaffirmed with absolute strength and conviction.

Via Silla, 26a, 00192 Roma

+39 06 837 623 16

Orari: Lun-Dom 12:00 – 02:00

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Il Bancone

Birra del Borgo’s Taproom inside our brewery.

A place to drink and buy our beers that allows our visitors to experience Birra del Borgo through tastings, shopping, ideas and stories. 10 draft beers and 3 beer pumps rotating continuously between Classics, Seasonal and Bizarre, just produced from our brewers!

02021 Nucleo Industriale RI

+39 0746 17 66 242

Orari. Lun-Dom 10:00 – 22:00

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La Bottega

Our Roman shop where you can talk about Birra del Borgo, buy all our beers, find the refinements of our friend breweries and have all the information on events, festivals and BDB events worldwide.

Via Silvestro Gherardi, 19a, 00146 Roma RM

+39 06 952 223 14

Orari: Lun-Sab 11:30 – 13.30/14:30 – 20:30

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