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Lost forever or just waiting to be found.

Beers for a day or for an year. Collaboration beers, to celebrate or to experiment.

Lost forever or just waiting to be found.

Keto Reporter

The starting beer is a classic Porter added with Tuscan Kentucky tobacco leaves, the same ones that are used to make traditional Italian cigars. The result is a very dark beer with very rich aromas of tobacco, spices and walnut husks. The mouthfeel and palate deliver roasty notes, with a slight acidity and the tobacco offers a peppery and almost hot feeling. KetoReporter is very broad, long lasting and complex comprared to it’s low ABV.

ABV: 5,2 %

Year: 2020


One of our ‘terroir’ beers, brewed with Gentian roots, traditionally used for a local liqueur, added at the very end of the boil. The aromas are peppery, earthy and floral. The mouthfeel is firstly of honey flavors then earthy, peppery and yellow fruits. The finish is delicate and long lasting.

ABV: 6,2%

Year: 2020

ReAle XIII Anniversario

The new, explosive recipe inspired to our classic ReAle to celebrate the XIII anniversary of Birra Del Borgo. The massive use of European hops gives intriguing fruity fragrances (peach/apricot) and notes of fresh grass.
Rich malt and vanilla flavors anticipate a light honey profile while the smooth body and the silky texture drive to a long bitter fruity final.

ABV: 4,6%

Year: 2018

Just For You

Gose style beer generously hopped. Clear herbaceous notes on the nose are combined with a well malted body and a sour and bitter finish.

Year: 2018

Mia Gose

German-inspired beer. Fresh, fragrant and slightly savory. Delicate saltiness donated by a mix of peppers, salt and capers of Pantelleria.

ABV: 3.8%

Year: 2018

Prohibition Ale

English-style Brown Ale made with oatmeal, with a soft and toasted body. Definitely hopped end with the use of Citra hops.

ABV: 4%

Year: 2018

Run to the Mill

Inspired by the classic English Pale Ale, light gold. Exceptional drinkability for a beer that is hard to resist. Single hop Loral.

ABV: 5%

Year: 2018

Fossi Fico

Saison produced with fresh figs, in collaboration with LA VIRGEN, Madrid. On the nose hints of dried fruit and fig in evidence, in the mouth warm and enveloping.

ABV: 6%

Year: 2017

30 Denari

The first beer produced in the experimental microbrewery of L’ Osteria di Birra del Borgo, amber in color. The fermentation, which took place in amphora, gives strong mineral notes that are combined with the “Gruit” of Pepe Lungo, Verbena odorosa and Galaxy.

ABV: 6.4%

Year: 2017

Vecchia Ducale

Inspired by the Oud Bruin, we left our Ducale rest in barrel for over a year and then we bottled it with extra young beer, The result is a sweet and bitter beer, with wine hints and an astringent finish.

ABV: 8,5%
First Release: 2015


Porter made in Borgorose. One of the first beers produced by BdB. Dark coloured with toasted and roasted notes.

ABV: 5,2%
First Release: 2005


Brewed with the “master” Andreas Gaenstaller, a version of our ReAle but in Alt style, copper coloured with a light body; citrus and herb notes thanks to the mix of German and American hops.

ABV: 5,8%
First Release: 2013