We believe that beer is the simplest (and tastier) way to bring people together, to put them in connection. We like the idea of ​​a great beer, of extraordinary quality but for everyone. A beer that eliminates inequalities and reduces the distances between people.

We are committed to spreading a new Italian beer culture, aware of both the beauty that it can express and the responsibilities it entails.

All our beers and all our contents are therefore dedicated solely to an adult public of legal drinking age and it is absolutely forbidden:

  • Share our contents with people under legal drinking age
  • Encourage excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcohol or endorse such behavior.
  • Encourage alcohol consumption by people under legal drinking age or by pregnant women
  • Stating directly or indirectly that alcohol consumption positively affects health, emotional state, or social status.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Encouraging violence and racism.
  • Insert images or texts of pornographic content.
  • Humiliate human dignity in any way.
  • Insulting other group members, other companies, representatives of different race, sexual orientation, culture or religion.

We take the liberty to delete without notice any content that violates our rules of conduct.

We have been Re(thinking)Ale since 2005. Help us rethink and spread even a new way to consume it.