The first beer to ever be brewed in Borgorose is still the most loved and appreciated. Inspired by traditional British India Pale Ales (beers that were abundantly hopped in order to preserve during the long trip towards the colonies in India) it has intense aromas given by American aromatic hops.
Amber in color, it has a medium body, the aromas are clearly of citrus fruits and peppery. Carbonation is slightly low as traditional to its style. The mouthfeel leads to a persistent and intense bitterness.

India Pale Ale
11-14° C

Great with aged goat cheeses, spelt soups or spicy dishes.


33 cl, 75cl, kegs, cask


The first, original and unmatched ReAle

Our Beers

Our most appreciated and well-known beers, which are now classics in Birra del Borgo’s production.

These are the brews we love the most: the recipes that have made Birra del Borgo famous all over the world! They include PASSION as a key element, which we consider an essential ingredient. We put a piece of our HEART into each one of the classic beers.
Enjoy the passion with us.

Things ain’t what they used to be or, as we say in Italy, there are no more middle seasons.

But, luckily enough, there are our Seasonal beers. Special products, that have been created particularly for the different times of the year, but that are great to drink everytime! Do you want to enhance the lovely spring’s smell? Are you looking for relief from the summer heat? Do you need to be cuddled when fall comes? Do you want to excape the Christmas Blue? Each of our Seasonal could be the right answer.

The Bizarres are our most peculiar beers, sometime definititely experimental and hard to define.

We brew them once per year, one for every month, in a restricted quantity and with different packaging: bottles, vats and casks. Twelve completely different oeuvres, each of them with a recipe that shares the same, extraordinary inventiveness.

Discover Birra del Borgo’s weirdest side!