We started to brew Caos in 2012, but during the years we changed the way to make it, getting closer to its “sister” Equilibrista. We used 40% of Malvasia wine must and 60% of wort (of our beloved Duchessa) and after the bottling we start a year-long Champenoise process in all its steps. The result is explosive! An impressive freshness and a unique taste.We started brewing Caos in 2012. During the years we changed the way to make it getting closer to its “sister” L’Equilibrista. We now use 40% of Malvasia wine must (courtesy of Tenuta di Bibbiano, Siena, Tuscany) and 60% of wort (always our beloved Duchessa) and after the bottling we start a year long “Metodo Classico” process in all its steps. 36 The name “Malvasia” characterizes many vines, mostly whites, scattered all around Italy. All these vines share, with varying intensity, clean apricot and yellow fruit nuances, delicate musk fragrance and a very high sugar residue. These characteristics make the Malvasia vines particularly suitable for production of sparkling wines and “Passito”. This is why we choose this grape for our Caos, a great combination of fruity and oral aromas with the refreshing acidity typical of the white grapes. The vinous pro le is prominent but the complexity of taste and aromas are wonderfully supported by the elegant perlage and the smoothness of Duchessa. The result is explosive: an impressive freshness and a unique taste. Following the grape harvest, year after year we nd new, intriguing nuances, just like the wine tradition.

Italian Grape Ale
10° C

Raw fish.


75 cl


Duchessa e Malvasia: a freshness explosion!

Our Beers

Things ain’t what they used to be or, as we say in Italy, there are no more middle seasons.

But, luckily enough, there are our Seasonal beers. Special products, that have been created particularly for the different times of the year, but that are great to drink everytime! Do you want to enhance the lovely spring’s smell? Are you looking for relief from the summer heat? Do you need to be cuddled when fall comes? Do you want to excape the Christmas Blue? Each of our Seasonal could be the right answer.

The Bizarres are our most peculiar beers, sometime definititely experimental and hard to define.

We brew them once per year, one for every month, in a restricted quantity and with different packaging: bottles, vats and casks. Twelve completely different oeuvres, each of them with a recipe that shares the same, extraordinary inventiveness.

Discover Birra del Borgo’s weirdest side!