A love story between beer and wine, that meet and a perfect balance in an absolutely new product. 40% of Sangiovese wine must (courtesy of Tenuta di Bibbiano, Siena, Tuscany) and 60% wort (our very own Duchessa) ferment together, as a unique alchemy, following all the steps of “Metodo Classico”. Sangiovese is one of the most important Italian vines, the most cultivated in Italy. If you look for a wine that for history and 34 personality always attracts both connoisseurs and simple enthusiasts, this is Sangiovese. It can be perfectly balanced, with very elegant, oral and intense but fragile scents. The wine is ruby, graceful, the tannins are powerful but silky. Flowers emerge and the red fruits rise the acidity. In this unique product we nd all the complexity and the fascinating notes of the wine incredibly balanced and seduced by the elegance of Duchessa, while perlage and body wink to elegant Italian sparkling wines. We have been brewing L’Equilibrista since 2009 in September, during grape harvest and its availability and characteristics vary from year to year, just like the wines. The Liqueur d’expedition gives continuity, thanks to a small amount of older Equilibrista always kept in its magic formula.

Italian Grape Ale
orange with pink reflection
10° C

Marvelously pairs with seafood carpaccio.


75 cl


A perfect balance between the beer and wine worlds

Our Beers

Things ain’t what they used to be or, as we say in Italy, there are no more middle seasons.

But, luckily enough, there are our Seasonal beers. Special products, that have been created particularly for the different times of the year, but that are great to drink everytime! Do you want to enhance the lovely spring’s smell? Are you looking for relief from the summer heat? Do you need to be cuddled when fall comes? Do you want to excape the Christmas Blue? Each of our Seasonal could be the right answer.

The Bizarres are our most peculiar beers, sometime definititely experimental and hard to define.

We brew them once per year, one for every month, in a restricted quantity and with different packaging: bottles, vats and casks. Twelve completely different oeuvres, each of them with a recipe that shares the same, extraordinary inventiveness.

Discover Birra del Borgo’s weirdest side!