Stelle & Strisce

Looking for a Summer beer? Light and sessionable but with a strong character? Here it is! Stelle e Strisce is a golden Session Ale with a low alcohol content. We dedicated it to the american flag because we use an explosive cocktail of american hops, with an abundant dry-hopping. According to this technique, we add the hops during the fermentation to give fresh and intense aromas: the result is a bomb of herbaceous and citrusy flavors. Wonderfully balanced, with a light body and a bitter final in perfect American style!

Session Ale
10° C

The perfect match is with a beach and the sea a few steps away, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.


33 cl, kegs


A sip of American summer!

Our Beers

Things ain’t what they used to be or, as we say in Italy, there are no more middle seasons.

But, luckily enough, there are our Seasonal beers. Special products, that have been created particularly for the different times of the year, but that are great to drink everytime! Do you want to enhance the lovely spring’s smell? Are you looking for relief from the summer heat? Do you need to be cuddled when fall comes? Do you want to excape the Christmas Blue? Each of our Seasonal could be the right answer.

The Bizarres are our most peculiar beers, sometime definititely experimental and hard to define.

We brew them once per year, one for every month, in a restricted quantity and with different packaging: bottles, vats and casks. Twelve completely different oeuvres, each of them with a recipe that shares the same, extraordinary inventiveness.

Discover Birra del Borgo’s weirdest side!