August brings news..(and oldies)!

So finally August is here, and it brought the summer heat we were waiting for… maybe even to much! But we won’t complain, as beside the hot temperatures,  it also brought two awaited beers!
The first one is this month’s Bizzarra, a long-expected oldie: the fantastic and ulta-hopped BdBi(g)BodyIbu!
The second one is brand new, but many af you have been asking about it since we brewed it, right after the BdB Day 2013!
Yes, we are talking about the ReAlt we brewed with Andreas Gaenstaller!

Let’s start with Prunus!

Brand new year… brand new (Bizzarra) beer! Just like we do every year since a while, also in 2013 we will present the new calendar for our most experimental and peculiar beers, one for each month of the year. As usual, we will introduce some new beer – or some old beer we go back in love for – and we will say goodbye (at least…

Maledetta… damn goood!

One of the few good things about September? Think about Maledetta, this month’s Bizzarra: a beer you will hardly resist, starting with its name! It was born to pay tribute to the Modigliani cigar – created in 2010 and dedicated to the Tuscan “maudit” artist – with which it shares the round, intense and aromatic taste. Maledettais a Belgian Ale which is meant…